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Two Stories of the Heart from Six Seconds Change Agents

Two Stories of the Heart from Six Seconds Change Agents
Anabel Jensen, President of Six Seconds and professor of education, is a master teacher and a pioneer in emotional intelligence education. She offers six techniques to heal a broken heart.
6 Sure-Fire Techniques for Healing Heartbreak by Anabel Jensen
Recovering from sadness is a psychological journey we all have to take many times over. Sometimes the emotional burden is relatively light, such as when we break a favorite dish or scrape a knee. At other times, it is tremendously heavy, weighing us down like bag full of lead as we attempt to carry on functioning in our day-to-day lives.
When my marriage, which I had thought indestructible, broke down I felt just like heroine in the fairytale “The Princess with the Glass Heart”. I felt terribly fragile, like the finest piece of Venetian glass just waiting to shatter at the slightest pressure. I needed to spend time repairing the deep crack in my heart in order that I could live healthily and vibrantly again. Read More
The Mindful Heart by Joshua Freedman
Joshua Freedman is part of the Six Seconds’ founding team, Josh is one of the world leading experts on emotions, change, and performance. In this article he shines a light on that intersection between heart and mind.
One of the central challenges of teaching emotional intelligence is a longstanding, deep cultural bias of “head versus heart.” The profound work of neuroscientist Antonio Damasio highlighted this when he titled a book, “Descartes Error.” Remember that Descartes famously said, “I think, therefore I am.” Damasio’s research on people with brain damage found that actually, thought alone doesn’t create conscious identity. The ability to say, “I am” comes from the intersection of several parts of the brain, including the emotional centers. Without emotion, we exist, but we are not fully alive.