Tsogo Supervisors EQ journey

Tsogo Supervisors EQ journey
This group of Tsogo Supervisors started their EQ journey on the 11th October 2016. They are a highly motivated group of people who face challenges in the workplace on a regular basis as do all of us. However they have now learnt what their brain styles are, so are better equipped to understand themselves as well as their colleagues. As we all EQ development we start with
understanding ourselves first, before we can start to understand others.
They have also been given tools to start building an emotional vocabulary. This emotional literacy is critical as like the times table and bonds are to maths so an emotional vocabulary is to emotional intelligence. We also looked at how patterns enhance our efficiency but how potentially they can also hinder us and create blinkers in our lives.
I am excited to be meeting with them again to further explore their unique patterns of behaviour and to look at how they can have a better understanding of what their choices are and how to also look at empowering themselves and others rather than controlling and micromanaging by discovering their own unique motivation and personal choices.
Bongeka Mhlaluke, an HR Recruitment Intern had this to say about the workshop;
"It is very informative, gives a lot of meaning to life in general, helps you to find your own self and to realise your potential and also the areas you lack in. The value is in bringing people together to work towards a common goal and the way people think about others and the way they feel."