Tsogo Supervisors

held 15th June 2017

“being in my new position at work I need to get the team in good spirits to work well here, the team building event held was amazing and I think it did just what was intended, and everyone had fun”  Wade Bartlett, General Manager.
June the 15th was the start of the EQ journey for this Tsogo Sun team from Sun Coast Casino. This team, from various departments at Sun Coast, started with understanding the Six Seconds EQ in Action Model as well as the relevance and importance of Emotional Intelligence both in the work place and in society in general. They also have a greater understanding of the fight, fright or freeze concept that results when we become emotionally hi jacked and the Emotional brain dominates our decision making process.
When we meet again in July we will be exploring how to navigate emotions, recognize our typical habits and patterns as well as how to apply consequential thinking.
Looking forward to working with this fun, dedicated group again!