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The “Max Lucado” Series of Books for Children

The “Max Lucado” Series of Books for Children
My son’s grade 3 teacher has a passion for developing the emotional intelligence of children and has come up with some amazing ideas and implemented many fun ways of improving our boys’ emotional literacy.
Emotional literacy is the building block for all of the EQ competencies and is therefore such a critical skill to develop. Her most recent find has been a series of Max Lucado books. As we often share information and ideas on developing EQ, she has kindly offered to share these books with me. So every day my son comes home with a new book in the series.
They are about a puppet maker and the lives of his puppets – they carry such beautiful messages for children who may be battling with their own self esteem, have insecurity or bullying issues, are scared of being different etc The story is told so beautifully with the puppet maker Eli being comparable to “our maker” irrespective of your religion or belief, who allows the puppets to discover their way without interfering but is always there to guide and give unconditional love and support to his “creations”.
The characters learn how the cost of conforming to the norm in this particular book “if Only I had a Green Nose” and learn to appreciate that it is okay to be yourself and not to always follow blindly a new trend or person or group. In other stories they learn how different puppets have different strengths and that it is unkind to tease those who appear weaker or not as handsome/pretty or smart as others as everyone has their own unique strength or gift and how important that is in a community, class, group or team.
My 8 year old son and I read them at bedtime and then he gives me his insights and take on the story, which are so innocent, genuine and yet profound and are helping to build his tolerance and respect for others as well as for himself. As he matures I hope they will help him to stand up when necessary for what he believes in and be proud of who he is and what his beliefs and values are.
There is already immense pressure on these 8 and 9 year olds not only in the classroom and sports field but on the play ground as well where a social structure and pecking order is already becoming highly evident. I would encourage all parents, Educators and Care givers to invest in at least one of these books to see for themselves what value they have.
Thanks Jen for introducing our little people and myself to these amazing stories and messages.