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Six Seconds EQ Coaches Course

Six Seconds EQ Coaches Course
The group that attended the EQ Coach course which was run at Calissa Lode from 4-7 March and taught delegates how to conduct and debrief the Six Seconds Self Assessment EQ test known as the SEI as well as teaching coaching techniques and the change MAP process.
Caron Harris, (CEO FATS), is closest to the camera in lime green shirt, Erika Coetzee (Coach) to her right, Colleen Wilson (Coach) is next in the yellow top, then Jessica Harris (HR Manager FATS). Avril Kidd, (EQ Practitioner and Six Seconds representative – SA) at the head of the table followed by Katia Duarte(HR Manager EnviroServ), then Jayne Morrison (Director Six Seconds Middle East Africa) left and then Lucy Francois (Regional HR Manager Netcare) is on Jayne’s right (closer to camera).