Self Management Workshop 19 and 20th November 2013

Self Management Workshop 19 and 20th November 2013
It was amazing to get the same group of delegates back together on the 19th and 20th November. 6 of the attendees were following on from the Self Awareness workshop in July.
They have established a high degree of trust so group rapport was one of trust, understanding and team work.
Over the two days the team worked through increasing the ability to make decisions that takes into account their own feelings as well as that of others whilst finding the best long terms solution. Through this consequential thinking they also learned to navigate and regulate extreme emotions in a more controlled manner in order to achieve more desirable outcomes.

naven reddy 1
Naven Reddy
Intrinsic motivation and optimism were beautifully displayed when Naven Reddy came and shared his experience over the past three years of having to adapt to life in a wheelchair after his car accident. Naven continues to face challenges and yet tackles each of them with an energy and motivation that is phenomenal!
The group were captivated by Naven and his bravery and even more so by his humbleness in what he has achieved. Naven in turn gets his inspiration from those boys and girls less fortunate than himself that he interacts with on the wheelchair basket ball court, and at the schools where he volunteers.
We had interesting discussions on how to motivate teams and started to look at moving from the popular, easy to measure type of corporate incentive schemes currently utilized to engaging people at a much deeper level through engaging them at both head and heart level and going beneath the surface of the ice berg and understanding their greater purpose.
Finally delegates were given the opportunity to practice dealing with crucial conversations and discussions!
This although lots of fun also gave a different perspective on how to achieve the outcome or goals that are often thwarted due to poor communication or when emotions are left unchecked and not channelled correctly.
For me seeing the honesty and growth of these 7 amazing people was incredibly energizing and rewarding.
There were so many varying characters in the room and yet each one was able to express their own opinions, thoughts, challenges, deepest values and needs without feeling uncomfortable or threatened. If the dynamics that have grown over these 2 x 2 day workshops can be so strong and supportive, how incredible would it be to have this in a team working together daily. I am really excited and looking forward to continuing my journey with this dynamic group.
Some comments from the group about the workshop:
Theo Lutt (Operations Manager): Eye opener, great to improve our skills
Louise van Zyl (Sales Consultant): Very motivational and informative
Melissa Tamblyn (Sales Executive): I have been on many courses before and this is by far the best! Naven was also a huge eye opener and motivator!
Leigh Thornycroft (Action Aid): Insightful, empowering course
Nigel Tucker (ExpandAsign): Do this course to find your own abilities and to look into yourself for personal development.
About the facilitator:
Verity Thornycraft (Business owner): I like your energy. My interest was sustained and didn’t lag. I believe this has as much to do with your energy as with inspiring course content. By energy I mean your timing, tone, facial expression, consistency – but most especially, your passion. You have accomplished facilitation skills but it is the passion that is the driver and that inspires.
Other comments:
Avril is engaging, flexible and genuine. She is trustworthy, friendly and fun. Adaptable and creates an environment of trust.
I feel safe with Avril.
I really like the way Avril guides us and asks the right questions.