Sea World Education Department

IMG 1497I ran a brain style workshop for 12 people from the Sea World Education team last Thursday the 6th April. They learnt more about how our brains work and some basic Emotional Intelligence concepts, including the emotional hi jack, when we operate only from our survival or old reptilian brain rather than using both our thinking and emotional brain together. We also looked at typical patterns of behaviour and how they can enhance efficiency but also inhibit us when we function on auto pilot and lose sight of some of the happenings around us.
The main focus of the workshop however was to understand the various brain styles and for individuals to understand what their brains naturally focus on, how they make decisions and finally what drives them. It was also really interesting to look at how 2 of the 3 re attendees profiles had shifted since the last session in 2015 and to understand the reason for this. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful understanding brain styles is. It allows us to open up to so many more possibilities and I believe it is vital in improving communication and team dynamics.
True to form, we also had to throw in a fun game or two!