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Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward
Have you ever watched the movie, Pay it Forward, starring Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey. It may be a good couple of years old now but is one of the most amazing movies with an incredibly strong message. Be warned to have your tissues on hand though.
Pay it Forward Experience
The reason that this movie came to mind recently is that I have recently had a pay it forward experience and although it was such a simple thing, it just reminded me of the power we have to change society for the better.
You know those automated ticket payment set-ups that are at all the Malls, hospitals etc; well on two separate occasions I have been caught needing to pay about R9 and falling short by 1 or 2 coins and only having a R100 note in my purse. Let’s face it R91 in silver coins is less than desirable.
On these two occasions there has been a really lovely lady behind me that has offered to give me the money in coins so that I wouldn’t have to be subjected to a purse of coins. They didn’t offer the money out of frustration of, “Oh hurry up you stupid woman” but out of a genuine caring and empathy for a total stranger. They also refused any repayment of even the R7 that I did have.
Restored my Faith
It left me with such a good impression and restored my faith in what can sometimes be regarded as a selfish society. Needless to say, I got the opportunity to pay it forward when I was behind someone who had exactly the same problem at La Lucia Mall. It gave me so much pleasure to be able to assist the woman and was my opportunity to pay it forward. The lady was really appreciative and I left feeling even better than when I had been helped.
I know this might sound trivial, but if everyone did one nice deed per day for someone else, sometimes it doesn’t involve any form of monetary cost, it could be helping someone with opening a door, carrying something heavy, paying them a compliment or even just smiling at them in the lift.
It costs us nothing but five seconds of engaging a thought that says, I will be nice to someone today.
Complimented a Security Guard
Yesterday I complemented a security guard on his lovely accent, he was from the Congo and has that amazing lilt to his speech, well the gratitude and smile that I got back from him was more than you get when you give a really healthy tip to a car guard and again, it cost me nothing. In fact it lifted my mood and gave me such a good feeling when I drove off, to know that someone else was smiling too.
We are quick to share our bad moods or anger, so why not become a bit more aware of spreading the good moods? There is no better time to start than now.
Remember Emotions are contagious, so lets’ start spreading the positive ones!