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Mourning the Passing of Nelson Mandela

Mourning the Passing of Nelson Mandela
 As we mourn the passing of a great man, leader and icon I can’t help but think how extraordinary Madiba was in that he never let personal feelings get in the way of his overarching purpose.
He could have become bitter, resentful and even vengeful during his time in prison and could have used his power that he had following his release, to wreak revenge on those that had imprisoned him. Instead he stood true to his values and purpose.
When we talk about Noble goals in the Six Seconds EQ model, I so often use Madiba as an example to explain what this means – that it is a goal that may never be fully realised in your life time, that it is about creating something better for those around and beyond you and no one is ever made less by you achieving your goal!
This is so true for Nelson Mandela and I just hope that in the future South Africa will have another selfless leader that can put the greater good before personal triumph and success and who can have the humility and integrity that this amazing man had.
I, with the rest of the world mourn the passing of this great man and hope that as South Africans we can honour his memory and legacy.