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Living Towards a Better Tomorrow – 2nd Emotional Intelligence African Summit

Living Towards a Better Tomorrow – 2nd Emotional Intelligence African Summit
I am extremely excited and proud to have been selected to present a paper at the African EQ Summit which is taking place in our country in the beautiful city of Cape Town between the 3 and 5th March. It is preceded by the Educational Summit on the 1st and 2nd March 2014.
Six Seconds CEO Josh Freedman of the USA will be attending as joint chair, so I will finally get to meet Josh in person after 2 years of electronic engagement. Josh is such an amazing EQ expert, that it is going to be mind blowing to engage with him first hand and experience some of the Josh magic in the flesh!!
Jayne Morrison, the Director of the MEA Six Seconds branch and with whom I have worked very closely with over the past 2 years, bringing certifications to SA will also be chairing some of the sessions.
I am honoured to be speaking together with some of the leading experts in the world. I was saying to my husband, how intimidating it could be presenting with these International speakers when he very cleverly pointed out that I too was an international speaker, it was just that the summit happened to be in my back yard so everyone visiting was regarded as international whilst I saw myself as the girl next door.
Isn’t it funny how quick we are to undermine ourselves and our ability! The opportunity to share and grow with other EQ Practitioners, Psychologists, Leaders, Educators etc is going to be awesome. It is also fantastic that Emotional Intelligence is getting the recognition for the impact that it has on performance, leadership, effectiveness and relationship building that we so desperately need in South Africa at the moment.
I will be speaking on the 4th March 2014 on : Emotional Intelligence –the distinguishing factor between a Manager and a Leader