Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Workshop in Durban

15 March 2015

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Workshop in Durban

The March workshop was an introduction into emotional intelligence and the significant impact that it has on our personal lives and relationships as well as our effectiveness and success in the workplace.

The 2 day workshop included a full SEI (Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence assessment) debrief as well as the brain brief profile debrief. Delegates also got a deeper understanding of how their emotions impact their own behaviour and how by learning to name and understand their emotions they can gain greater self- awareness and management.

The workshop is a combination of theoretical and practical learning within a safe environment. The games and tools used were thoroughly enjoyed by the delegates and were used to support their learning.

Everyone made a commitment to work on and improved in their desired area.

Comments from delegates about the workshop:

  • Tristan Slaghuis (Expandasign) : Informative, motivating and a reality check for myself. A massive life changing experience
  • Lee Cassim (Expandsign): Inspirational, motivating and empowering. This workshop has empowered me to add value to my work and personal life. I would recommend this workshop for others to experience the emotional route to greatness.
  • Quentin van Staden (SAAMBR): Brilliant!
  • Robyn Barnes (Barnes Property): Very insightful. Been able to reflect and know how to reflect on issues is very helpful
  • Kyle Watkins (Big Eye Branding): Well structured, organised and action driven content. The most valuable learning is the self awareness and tools given to deal with challenges.
  • Bafana Madiba (Hereaus Medical): Extremely well organized with great interaction between the facilitator and participants. Interesting new and challenging ideas presented. Would recommend this training for improving work ethos and output.

About the facilitor, Avril:

  • Bafana: Extremely professional – great listener and considerate
  • Kyle: Well versed with content, professional, yet personable.
  • Robyn: lovely, very approachable
  • Quentin: Gorgeous, friendly, polite
  • Lee: beautiful soul – brings out the best in people
  • Tristan: wonderful, intelligent, inspiring