EQ Fellow Certification

“being in my new position at work I need to get the team in good spirits to work well here, the team building event held was amazing and I think it did just what was intended, and everyone had fun”  Wade Bartlett, General Manager.
EQ ASSOCIATE - 31 January 2018
EQ PROFILER - 1 February 2018
EQ ASSESSOR - 27,28 Feb 2018
The Benefits of Attending
EQ programs for individuals who would like to engage Emotional Intelligence for self and others.
  • Day-1: Associate – Provides an introduction to the Six Seconds KCG Model for EQ (8 competencies and 6 philosophies).
  • Day-2: Profiler – Experience the power of the EQ Brain Profiles and learn how to use them in coaching and training.
  • Day-3 & 4: Assessor – Become certified to administer the full strength of the SEI tools to generate the feedback reports and debrief clients.
You will Learn
  • Associate: You will learn a clear actionable model for applying emotional intelligence for yourself and others.
  • Profiler: You will learn how to deliver, interpret and debrief the EQ Brain Profiles in training and coaching.
  • Assessor: You will learn how to apply the Six Seconds’ EQ Coach Wheel, methods to deepen listening, asking questions and connecting using the Change MAP and strengthen your understanding of the EQ.
Read more about the course here and to sign up click here.