EQ Fellow Certification

13-14 March 2017

“being in my new position at work I need to get the team in good spirits to work well here, the team building event held was amazing and I think it did just what was intended, and everyone had fun”  Wade Bartlett, General Manager.
Welcome to the International Certification in 'Emotional Intelligence'
Accredited by the ICF for 33 CCEU's (Continuing Coach Education Units)
Who should attend: Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Managers, HR, L&D, Counsellors and Educators
  • Join us for a highly engaging certification workshop specifically designed and dedicated for structuring a transformational coaching process fuelled by EQ!
  • Learn the Six Seconds way of coaching and the Change MAP framework to structure, strengthen and deepen your coaching. This workshop is not "how to coach" but rather "how to super-charge coaching" with an incredible model and toolset – the SEI EQ Assessment tool.
  • Created by world leaders in Emotional Intelligence development, these tools are statistically rigorous, highly practical and with a global view – which is why they're chosen by leading organisations including (Emaar, HSBC, Fedex, UN, etc).

Unlike other psychometric tools which provide an abstract diagnosis, the SEI provides practical feedback and a process for action. Ideal for Coaches, L&D experts, Consultants, HR Professionals, Managers and Educators.

Six Seconds integrates the latest neuroscience into practical, engaging content that enables you to develop your competence and apply your learning from day one.  As a research-based organisation, Six Seconds' materials blend data and emotional experience to build both understanding and wisdom.

Emotional Intelligence is critical to:

  • Relationships & Personal Effectiveness
  • Health & Quality of Life
  • Decision-Making & Influence


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LOCAL CONTACT: In South Africa

Avril Kidd (Certification Host: EQ Practitioner & Owner of EQ in Action & Preferred Partner for Six Seconds RSA)

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