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EQ Cafe: Brains for Collaboration

“being in my new position at work I need to get the team in good spirits to work well here, the team building event held was amazing and I think it did just what was intended, and everyone had fun”  Wade Bartlett, General Manager.
Today we held our first Six Seconds EQ Cafe: Brains for Collaboration. It was attended by 24 people ranging from various sectors of industry and well as Educators from various schools. Clifton School generously donated their Hall for this free session. All delegates received their own Brain style profile as well as the EQ Dashboard for the group that were present. For some delegates this was their first exposure to Emotional Intelligence.
The Cafe was interactive to allow delegates to experience EQ working rather than just being told what it is and how it can help you. They were able to share their ideas and perspectives on the State of the Planet and then listen to how others, who have different profiles and strengths to them, viewed it. They also enjoyed sharing their feelings and thoughts about the
state of the world.
By understanding ourselves and others more deeply it allows greater collaboration which will result in more effective teams and greater success in achieving our goals.
We look forward to hosting these free EQ cafe's once a quarter. The next Cafe will be focused on Trust.... watch this space for news on the date and venue. We are aiming for October..
Delegates introducing themselves to each other and how they feel about the State of the Planet.
I really enjoyed the exercise this morning and listening to other peoples perspectives. I believe it’s up to us as individuals to make a change and not hold back, share and listen more with people every day. We can make the difference together, this workshop definitely helped me listen and enjoyed hearing others input. It pushes you to look at things differently when take part in these team exercises. Ann Dryden