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Emotional Intelligence Tops Intellect and Acumen

Emotional Intelligence Tops Intellect and Acumen
Emotional Intelligence tops intellect and acumen -This was the heading of an article by Loraine Tulleken published in several newspapers including the Natal Mercury on 30th October.
I was so excited to open up the business section of the Mercury to see this article on page 19. The article looks at the rise to success in the business world of Linda Frohlich, an alternate Director of Sasfin Bank and Sasfin Holdings Limited. She is also the managing director and heads up the business banking division of Sunlyn rentals.
Linda Frohlich attributes her business success to her strong EQ (emotional intelligence). She explains that she entered the working market at 19 with no formal qualification and progressed through various positions to where she is currently.
Her track record is amazing and she continues to surround herself with emotionally intelligent staff, which she says are mainly female.
This article was in the Inspirational Women section of the paper.
My only concern, as happy as I was to see this strong acknowledgement for EQ and the relationship to business and life success, is that it is appears to be more exclusive to woman.
Men in my experience, can also have strong emotional intelligence, however due to the historic treatment of emotions and the whole concept that men who are able to express emotions etc are soft, EQ has tended to be attributed more to woman, particularly when it comes to empathy and emotional literacy as men have masked this ability or not developed it at all.
However, I have trained more men than woman in the corporate world, and found the willingness of men to embrace their emotional development and acknowledge their challenges in this area really refreshing and encouraging. I strongly believe that we will start to see a new era of corporate executives (men and women) developing that have strong emotional competencies.
Author of Future Proofing your Child, Nicky Bush who has recently had several slots on ECR for parenting advice, stated that people that will be successful in the future will be those who have entrepreneurial abilities and strong relationship skills ie the ability to communicate and relate to other people. These abilities stem from emotionally intelligence, which is why it is critical that young and old alike start to embrace their emotions and learn to develop and use them more effectively.
I look forward to working with the delegates at my workshop starting next week and seeing their growth and development! This is why I love what I do.