Emotional Intelligence Mid-Winter Course in Durban

Emotional Intelligence Mid-Winter Course in Durban
This is the group that attended my Emotional Intelligence course held at the St James on the Berea in Durban on the 3rd and 4th July 2013.
As a result of the growing acknowledgement by professionals of the importance and relevance of emotions to work outcomes, these delegates came to learn about making the connection between emotions and actions in order to learn to apply EI skills to maximise effectiveness that enable them to have a great advantage in any organization.
The delegates for Avril’s mid winter course came from Expandasign, Futurasports, Oricol, Action Aid and Tumbleweed communication.
Course Overview
Emotional intelligence is a break through approach, a powerful way of looking at people and behaviour. It is an integrated approach that combines thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions.
An international study showed that emotional intelligence predicts almost 55% of key success factors in the workplace, which is why innovative organizations are using EQ in sales, leadership, recruitment and team performance.
On the 3rd and 4th July delegates from various companies came to together to start their emotional intelligence journey. Over the 2 day period, using the Six Seconds Emotional intelligence test and leadership report, delegates got a strong good understanding of their own personal strengths and challenges with regard to their emotional intelligence competencies.
As emotional literacy is critical to achieve self mastery a lot of time was spent on this competency, with delegates learning to understand their own emotions and feelings. Recognizing patterns that hinder relationships and hold us back is also a large part of the personal change process. Delegates were encouraged to share personal and professional challenges and enthusiastically embarked on setting personal goals for changing their own behaviour as they came to understand that they cannot change others – only themselves.
The workshop combined theory and interactive “play” sessions where delegates could reach their own “AH HA” moments and could also share in a trusting group environment or in the breakaway one on one teams (TFA SESSION – Photo).
This workshop was made especially productive and rewarding due to the amazing dynamic and trust that so quickly developed within the group, despite the fact that many delegates met for the first time on the course and were from different industries, cultural backgrounds and even provinces.
Everyone left with their own personal commitment to greater self awareness and self management. There were many tears and much laughter throughout the two days but everyone left with more insight and clarity and a roomful of more friends!
Photos :
Each delegate also chose a motivational poster that was pertinent and meaningful to them.
Delegates go through the process with a partner in looking at their thoughts, feelings and actions in specific circumstances.
The Gift:
Delegates gave each other symbolic gifts at the end of the workshop that they believed were meaningful to the recipient.