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Emotional Intelligence for Success in Life and Business

Emotional Intelligence for Success in Life and Business
On the 5th and 6th November 2013, five unique individuals joined EQ in Actions’ Emotional intelligence and self awareness workshop.
These delegates ranged in age, gender, qualification and position in their various companies. One delegate holds a Phd, another is the Marketing Manager, whilst another 2 were in the creative and operational management positions respectively at leading branding Company Expand A sign, and last but not least one a Sales assistant from environmental company Oricoles.
Each person had their own personal motivation for attending, ranging from improving their connection with others, to having better self management skills and understanding emotional triggers and patterns, increasing effectiveness and leadership skills.
Over the two days an amazing trust and rapport grew between the delegates which provided them with a solid platform for their own personal insights, growth and development.
The delegate’s feedback of the workshop included comments such as “excellent, fun, awesome, very informative, powerful, inspirational” and comments on the facilitator Avril, “Best facilitator I have ever met.”Sharon De Beer, Marketing Manager EAS. Other comments “professional, knowledgeable and friendly, sincere and succinct”.
If you want to be more effective, make better decisions, form stronger relationships and enhance your leadership skills, then join the next Self Awareness 2-day workshop in 2014.