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Developing Emotional Intelligence

Developing Emotional Intelligence
It is so exciting to open up a newspaper and see more and more articles appearing on Emotional Intelligence.
I really enjoyed the article which appeared in the Northglen News in the Y- Generation section on the 29th March written by Sacha Griffiths, on emotional intelligence in children. As an EQ practitioner I see the benefits of developing emotional intelligence and am pleased to say that internationally EQ is becoming more of a focal point than ever before as it is acknowledged that it is a greater determinant of success than IQ.
Recently as the local representative for global leaders in EQ, Six Seconds we hosted three different EQ Certification training courses. The one pertinent to our youth was the EQ Educator Certification Program, conducted by Director of Education for Six Seconds, Dr Susan Stillman.
Educators were taught how to introduce Social emotional learning to children in their learning environments.
The course focused on personal transformation through integrating EQ competencies into best practices for working with students, parents and colleagues. Delegates came from preschools, primary and high schools and included Durban Girls College, Clifton Prep, Glenwood boys high, Tree tops, Gordon Road Girls school, Umkomaas Primary, Highbury and Forever friends. Educators were taught how to do an emotional check in with children as well as how to structure lesson plans using emotional intelligence.
This was Dr Stillman’s first visit to SA from her home base of the USA and she was thoroughly impressed with the enthusiasm of this group that she worked with for two2 days on the 11th & 12th March.
Prior to that on Saturday the 9th March we hosted a 3 hour workshop at Gordon Road Girls schools which was attended by both educators and parents. “ we all shared stories of teaching and parenting challenges, and participants became aware of their power to infuse EQ into their teaching and parenting, with awareness, choice, and purpose”. Dr Susan Stilman
One parent at the Saturday talk wrote afterwards:
“It is so exciting to realize how the practical tools are so simple & can be implemented every day, with all situations.”
“With style, creativity, wisdom, and humor, the EQ Educators in Durban developed an amazing group spirit that boosted the learning power of the session. It was an honor and a privilege to spend time in lovely Durban and experience the warmth and passion for EQ that these educators exhibited” Dr Susan Stillman.
It was an honor to host some one of Susan’s experience and passion. We look forward to ongoing emotional intelligence development.