Dance Like Nobody is Watching

Dance Like Nobody is Watching
I subscribe to the Simon Sinek daily quotes. At no charge, you receive a quote mailed to you once a day. I really find most of them to be meaningful. Take for instance the one below:
“Knowledge is understanding based on what has been studied and learned. Wisdom is understanding based on what has been felt and experienced.”
To me it has a similar comparison to comparing someone with book smarts to someone who really “gets it”. How often do we see highly intelligent people do such stupid things, isn’t it perhaps because they don’t really live or experience life but rather have a theoretical understanding of it? It, in my opinion is also sometimes the difference between lip service and being authentic.
It is like watching a travel program and reading up on a country and afterwards knowing all the facts about it but not actually going there and experiencing it firsthand. The people, the climate, the smells, taste, touch language etc. How often is it then that we also do this in our everyday life? We often sit on the fringes, too afraid to actually jump in and join the living, take some risks, try something new, make a new friend, love someone, be a shoulder to cry on.
What is it that Stops Us?
What is it that stops us do you think? Fear? Fear of rejection to make a new friend, fear of failure to try a new venture, fear of a loss of control. For me the loss of control is the one of the biggest fears and I know that there are many people that are so scared of the future that they forget to live in the now!
How refreshing would it be to live each day as we would our last – I am not referring to financial planning and stability, although this can also be taken to the extreme, but just truly living in the present and loving life a little more.
To remind you of some sayings that may be cliché but to me are still powerful and are quotes on the 2013 calendar in my office:
  • “Love like you have never been hurt.
  • Always dance like nobody’s watching.
  • Don’t cry because it is over but smile because it happened!
  • It’s not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness”
And a last one for now,
  • Live everyday as if it is your last!
  • Let’s take some of this into 2013!