Women’s Leadership Edge: Global Research on Emotional Intelligence, Gender, and Job Level

By Joshua Freedman

As business becomes more complex with globalization, new generations, and the accelerating pace of innovation, the value of “emotionally intelligent leaders” is gaining ground. A new analysis of over 24,000 leaders and workers shows this presents an important opportunity for female leaders who, statistically, have an edge in this domain in three key areas: (1) EQ is made of numerous component parts, Females are particularly higher in some – but not all; (2) the largest gap is in the capacity to predict the emotional consequences of actions allowing women to be more strategic with feelings; (3) In key aspects of EQ, women in leadership roles are even further ahead of their male counterparts, suggesting that these differentiators may be essential for females to advance their careers. For both females and males, the new data suggests important opportunities for leveraging strengths to become more effective at people leadership.