Avril May 2017“Helping people understand and feel better about themselves equals greater productivity. Emotional intelligence forms the basis for all successful relationships be it in the boardroom, classroom or at home. Without interpersonal skills and basic emotional competencies, individuals and teams will find it hard to compete in this ever-changing world and economy.

Where previously IQ was seen as the barometer of success, EQ has now been proven to be a more successful determinant and unlike IQ, EQ is highly trainable. This opportunity to train and develop people is one of the most exciting journeys that I have taken”

Profile: Avril Kidd, EQ in Action South Africa

Having graduated from Durban University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Cell Biology and Industrial psychology, Avril entered into the Corporate Services world where she spent 20 highly successful years in various leadership roles. Avril’s passion for people was highly evident in her good people management and strong mentorship roles.

After a successful corporate career where she  held several Directorships and both Regional and National positions, Avril started her own consultancy company and has continued to help her clients set up systems, implement strategies as well as developing  costing models and business plans.

However her passion remains in the people development side and after having qualified through Global leaders, Six Seconds, she is now a Certified EQ Practitioner, a Certified SEI (Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence) Assessor for adults and youth and a Certified Vital Signs Consultant.

avril 2017

Avril does one-on-one coaching, SEI & Vital Signs assessments and debriefs. She also offers in-house and public workshops, focusing on leadership development, personal emotional intelligence development and team building.

She represents Six Seconds in South Africa and strives to continue to grow the number of qualified EQ practitioners in the country in order  to grow emotional intelligence and to introduce social emotional learning into our educational system.

Avril also collaborates with other Six Seconds certified EQ specialists. Avril is a dedicated mom, wife and loving owner of a household of pets which include 2 Ridgebacks, 3 Cockatiels and a pond full of fish!. Avril can be contacted on 082 779 6299 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..