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Would you Like to Increase Employee Motivation and Effectiveness?

Would you Like to Increase Employee Motivation and Effectiveness?
It has been proven that EQ has up to a 45% impact on effectiveness.
Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from global leaders in the field of emotional intelligence, Six Seconds, who support people to improve performance and create positive change. They offer transformational learning and development programs, scientifically validated assessments, and effective consulting processes to increase the people-side of performance.
The EQ certification (13-17 October) will give you an in depth understanding of emotional intelligence together with tools to fuel positive change at work and at home.
The Vital Signs Certification (20-21 October) will give you a statistically validated tool to assess the drivers of organisational performance. It will allow you to accurately assess the effectiveness of development initiatives, Identify needs and opportunities for training, communication and development and enable you to create a strategy that works with and through your people.
For more information please contact Avril Kidd on 0827796299 or on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.