• EQ and Self awareness workshop

    EQ and Self awareness workshop

    Delegates were from Expandasign Durban, Joburg & Capetown, Beyond Insights, SACTWU, Sea World, Heraeus Medical, Joburg, P.E. and Cape town.
  • EQ model of Know Yourself

    EQ model of Know Yourself

    EQ model of Know Yourself, Choose yourself and Give yourself
  • EQ for Leaders Workshop

    EQ for Leaders Workshop

    A group of top executives from various organisations that attended the EQ for Leaders workshop in 2014
  • EQ Workshop

    EQ Workshop

    May 2014 EQ workshop
  • Tsogo Sun Managers EQ session

    Tsogo Sun Managers EQ session

    Tsogo Sun Managers EQ session
  • The Internet Solutions Team

    The Internet Solutions Team

    Attended a series of in-house EQ workshops in 2014

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    Understanding Brain Style Profiles to maximise effectiveness, communication, collaboration & performance
    Get to understand the way your brain processes emotional and cognitive data to improve your communication, decision making and performance. The Brain Brief Profile provides a simple, practical summary of your style for using emotional intelligence to make good decisions to drive positive results. This is a great tool to improve team or family communication and collaboration.
    Delegates will get to understand their own BRAIN STYLE and in so doing use these EQ insights to also understand other people that they interact with.
    The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence (SEI) Brain Brief Profile provides a snapshot of your brain’s current style for processing emotional and cognitive data. There are 8 different styles with unique characteristics.
    Date: 22nd August 2017
    Time: 8am – 12h00
    Venue: The Benjamin Hotel, Florida Road, Morningside
    Cost: R1000 per person, includes Brain Brief profile and refreshments
    Click here to register.

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  • EQ Cafe: Brains for Collaboration

    EQ Cafe: Brains for Collaboration

    Today we held our first Six Seconds EQ Cafe: Brains for Collaboration. It was attended by 24 people ranging from various sectors of industry and well as Educators from various schools. Clifton School generously donated their Hall for this free session. All delegates received their own Brain style profile as well as the EQ Dashboard for the group that were present. For some delegates this was their first exposure to Emotional Intelligence.
    The Cafe was interactive to allow delegates to experience EQ working rather than just being told what it is and how it can help you. They were able to share their ideas and perspectives on the State of the Planet and then listen to how others, who have different profiles and strengths to them, viewed it. They also enjoyed sharing their feelings and thoughts about the state of the world.

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    How can we work together effectively to solve big challenges, such as the future of our planet?
    Earth is facing multiple threats and many of us feel the need to try to make a positive difference. But how can we best do that? Are there ways that we can join together and use our rational and emotional skills to create synergies from the power of collaboration?
    The free Six Seconds' EQ Café is a fun-but-serious session on using emotional intelligence to improve collaboration. We'll explore challenges and strengths of collaborating to solve big challenges like improving the environment and will use the Brain Brief Profile (BBP) + Dashboard to focus on Talents for Collaboration.
    Join this highly participatory EQ Café to learn about your individual Brain Style and how, collectively, we can mix and match those skills to become better, together.
    Who: Anyone interested in learning how to work better together to tackle big issues facing the planet, at work, at school or in your community.
    What: Free Workshop
    When: Wednesday, 19 July 2017, from 08:00 to 10:00
    Where: Sutcliff Hall, Clifton School, 102 Lambert Road, Morningside, Durban
    Register be clicking here.

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  • Tsogo Supervisors

    Tsogo Supervisors

    June the 15th was the start of the EQ journey for this Tsogo Sun team from Sun Coast Casino. This team, from various departments at Sun Coast, started with understanding the Six Seconds EQ in Action Model as well as the relevance and importance of Emotional Intelligence both in the work place and in society in general. They also have a greater understanding of the fight, fright or freeze concept that results when we become emotionally hi jacked and the Emotional brain dominates our decision making process.
    When we meet again in July we will be exploring how to navigate emotions, recognize our typical habits and patterns as well as how to apply consequential thinking.
    Looking forward to working with this fun, dedicated group again!

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Emotional intelligence forms the basis for all successful relationships be it in the boardroom, classroom or at home.

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Emotional intelligence forms the
basis for all successful relationships be it
in the boardroom, classroom or at home.


Emotional intelligence is a break through
approach, a powerful way of looking at
people and behavior.

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