• EQ and Self awareness workshop

    EQ and Self awareness workshop

    Delegates were from Expandasign Durban, Joburg & Capetown, Beyond Insights, SACTWU, Sea World, Heraeus Medical, Joburg, P.E. and Cape town.
  • EQ model of Know Yourself

    EQ model of Know Yourself

    EQ model of Know Yourself, Choose yourself and Give yourself
  • EQ for Leaders Workshop

    EQ for Leaders Workshop

    A group of top executives from various organisations that attended the EQ for Leaders workshop in 2014
  • EQ Workshop

    EQ Workshop

    May 2014 EQ workshop
  • Tsogo Sun Managers EQ session

    Tsogo Sun Managers EQ session

    Tsogo Sun Managers EQ session
  • The Internet Solutions Team

    The Internet Solutions Team

    Attended a series of in-house EQ workshops in 2014

Latest News

  •  EQ Fellow Certification

    EQ Fellow Certification

    Welcome to the International Certification in 'Emotional Intelligence'
    Accredited by the ICF for 33 CCEU's (Continuing Coach Education Units)
    Who should attend: Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Managers, HR, L&D, Counsellors and Educators
    • Join us for a highly engaging certification workshop specifically designed and dedicated for structuring a transformational coaching process fuelled by EQ!
    • Learn the Six Seconds way of coaching and the Change MAP framework to structure, strengthen and deepen your coaching. This workshop is not "how to coach" but rather "how to super-charge coaching" with an incredible model and toolset – the SEI EQ Assessment tool.
    • Created by world leaders in Emotional Intelligence development, these tools are statistically rigorous, highly practical and with a global view – which is why they're chosen by leading organisations including (Emaar, HSBC, Fedex, UN, etc).

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  • Self Direction EQ Workshop

    Self Direction EQ Workshop

    DURBAN WORKSHOP, 1 and 2 March @ Auberge Hollandaise Guest House, Durban North
    R3,300 per person, includes tea and lunch for both days
    Emotionally intelligent leadership is about authenticity and commitment, in this “Give yourself and Self Direction” workshop, leaders will learn more about the importance and relevance of empathy and noble goals and how to further develop these.
    Empathy is key for leaders to understand others and form enduring and trusting relationships. Connecting with purpose enables leaders to engage commitment, maintain their own energy and drive and influence others effectively. Leading with purpose is an incredibly powerful kind of influence.

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  • Expandasign Team building

    Expandasign Team building

    Recently the Expandasign Factory management team spent a fun filled day at DUC working on their communication, trust, problem solving and general team dynamics. This included completing an obstacle course with one partner blind folded whilst the other was a verbal guide. There was lots of fun and nose diving into the sand but overall it showed the importance of good communications skills and how important trusting your colleague is. They also successfully managed to untie themselves from the human knot. This was no mean feat and involved a lot of laughing, physical and mental boundary challenges and most critically, how through communication and perseverance most things are possible! Listening and compromising was also really important as well as logical problem solving and tenacity.

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    EQ ASSOCIATE: 15 February 2017 | EQ PROFILER: 16 February 2017 | EQ ASSESSOR 27,28: March 2017
    EQ programs for individuals who would like to engage Emotional Intelligence for self and others.
    Day-1: Associate – Provides an introduction to the Six Seconds KCG Model for EQ (8 competencies and 6 philosophies).
    Day-2: Profiler – Experience the power of the EQ Brain Profiles and learn how to use them in coaching and training.
    Day-3&4: Assessor – Become certified to administer the full strength of the SEI tools to generate the feedback reports and debrief clients.

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Emotional intelligence forms the basis for all successful relationships be it in the boardroom, classroom or at home.

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Emotional intelligence forms the
basis for all successful relationships be it
in the boardroom, classroom or at home.


Emotional intelligence is a break through
approach, a powerful way of looking at
people and behavior.

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